IGCSE department

The international or Foreign Programmes as it is called at RAMS is a distinguished section since its beginning years in 1989, the year of establishing the school in Jordan.
The vision of the school focused on presenting a strong base of education, challenging curricula, unique academic teaching and learning process and an opportunity of choice to students regarding their potentials.


The need to meet the various challenges and to keep pace with educational developments, the foreign programmes was founded and introduced to students.
At first, the dominant program was the British with its two sections: the IGCSE – GCE and the A-Level. This program starts from grade one up to twelve in which the lower grades one to six belong to the primary section and the higher grades seven to twelve belong to the secondary section.


Students study all the subjects in English except for Arabic, Religion and Social Studies. Bear in mind that for non-Arabic speakers, Religion is taught in English as well as Social Studies and intensive Arabic classes are given for them based on their level.
At the end of grades five and eight, students must sit, as it is the school policy, for check point tests. Check point primary for grades these external.
(1 – 5) and Check point Secondary for grades (6 – 8). Exams are conducted by Cambridge Board and students must be tested in English – Maths and Science. These exams are irrelevant to the equivalency , but they are proficiency exams that  focus on the general knowledge and scientific skills the student gained during these three years. They point out the weak points in the student’s performance to have a remedial plan to strengthen it and whether the student has enough potentials and needed skills to continue in the international programme or not.


Grades seven and eight are called pre IG \ SAT  in which they are being prepared and qualified to join either the British or SAT programme in grade nine . Students of the British  programme will be enrolled in the first stage which is the IGCSE-GCE which includes grades nine and ten. This stage is conducted by two main boards Cambridge and Edexcel. After grade ten, students will join the Alevel stage conducted also by three main boards , Cambridge , Edexcel and Oxford AQA.

Queen Rania Awards for outstanding UK Learning Awards is presented annually during a ceremony under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania and the presence of the British Ambassador. This Award is presented to top students in certain subjects who have scored high scores to be top in the world, top in Jordan or high achievers. Besides, the same Award is presented to high performance of teachers. RAMS students and teachers have been acknowledged these Awards annually since 2010.   

Then in 2017 the SAT programme was established in the school to give students a broader opportunity to choose based on their potentials. It starts from grade nine to prepare the students for their external exams in grades eleven and twelve. All the subjects taught are in English except for Arabic, Religion and Jordan History . This  programme helps students who has a certain weakness or lack of adequate language expressions to succeed in getting high scores since the programme type of questions is multiple choice only. Besides , it helps students who are willing to sit for the National Tawjihi Exams to do just that in either one or two of the subjects mentioned above, Religion and Jordan History . As for Arabic all students prefer to set for the IGCSE exam.