Special needs department

This department offers special education to diagnosed cases by experts.  In this field, each case is given the appropriate strategy to deal with. Those students are pulled out from regular classes to be taught individually or in-groups of 2 or 3 in the various subjects.  They remain in their regular classes for computer, physical education, art, etc… The objectives of the special needs department

  • To modify curricula to suit the students needs.
  • To utilize specific educational strategies to help harmonize these students with the students of the regular classes.
  • To adopt the one-to-one education that concentrates on the student.
  • To encourage students to take part in all extra- curricular activities.
  • To focus on the educational technology to enhance the effective learning on the part of students.

 The special needs department working policy

  • True and objective diagnosis using the right tools of assessment suitable to each case. Such as IQs, psychological and behavioral tests.
  • An individual educational plan set to every student that includes the educational program, the strategies of performance and assessment concentrating on analysis- based training of curricula to become easier to work with; in addition to concentrating on developmental learning difficulties.
  • Educational and technological methods to be set to support the accomplishment of the objectives of the educational plan.
  • A counseling program to be followed to help students grow according to their abilities and tendencies.

   Accepted students are those who suffer from

  • Difficulties in learning
  • Slowness in learning
  • Articulatory and behavioral difficulties
  • Concentration-related difficulties
  • Diminishing mental abilities
  • Autism

Support Education Components

  • 15 fully equipped classrooms suiting the students needs.
  • Students are allowed to benefit from the schools facilities including the playgrounds, labs and boarding houses.
  • A professional cadre of specialists who are capable of setting programs and plans to be carried out to help students to attain the best academic and behavioral results.