Kindergarten Department

Rawdat Al-Maaref Kindergarten department is located in a large suite at building No.1.  KG I and KG II Grades have a unique hexagon design, each class area is 70 square meters and the capacity per class is 20 students. Our kindergarten has private facilities where only kindergarten students and staff can access at all times, which includes the following: Separate Boys and girls Restrooms, restaurant for breakfast, two skylights with interior gardens and water fountains, a multi-purpose play area, Art, Library, Drama, computer and music room. Our Outdoor playground is 150 square meters with spacious Sand and cycling area.

Each classroom is staffed with two homeroom teachers for both English and Arabic languages which are both taught bilingual. We also offer French as a second language. All of our subjects are integrated along with our themes that are presented each month. Subjects include Arabic, Literacy, Math, Science, Social studies. Our themes build students’ knowledge in all areas and aspects of life. Our English language curriculum is letter land which is a friendly based fun approach in learning reading and writing skills that are essential for elementary years readiness. Our extracurricular classes include: Music, Drama, Art, P.E, Library and Mindfulness. In addition, we have one to one support classes which are based upon student’s readiness. We encourage both personal and academic achievement challenging students to excel in their studies and in their personal development.

Our kindergarten has a unique approach to learning where we focus on the student’s social emotional skills and understanding of the world around them by making learning relevant through personal experiences as well as learning through play, students will be learning 21 century skills which will not only prepare them for school but for life. Students will learn to be creative, problem solvers, Critical thinkers, communicator and collaborators through teamwork and group projects, for them to be productive citizens that are leaders in a digital media age in which students can succeed in a world where change is constant and learning never ends. Our students explore, inquire, grow, ask questions and find answers  by their own creativity and imagination, through our hands-on program, our students become critical and analytical thinkers, creators, and innovators.

Our administration and teachers are qualified with expertise in early childhood theory, having a positive approach to learning. They have the capacity to meet each student’s needs by having an in-depth understanding of their abilities. The ability to make the classroom environment for our students truly somewhat of a journey where students are encouraged to try new things in an interactive hand - on experience where they are the center of the learning process. Using instructional practices that are student-centered rather than teacher directed. We create engagement in classroom activities, in order for students to have a sense of collaboration and teamwork. Creating engagement and teamwork students learn to communicate and collaborate with one another by having a sense of imagination, freedom of choice, and most importantly keeping creativity alive. Practicing these skills, tools of creativity and problem solving, in order for students to excel.

Our mission of excellence and positive self-esteem can become a reality when staff and parents work together in an atmosphere of communication ensuring our students can achieve their highest potential.