The International Groups

Our Motto: “Together we can make a difference"
Welcome to the space for World Changers, the students of International Primary School. Our World Changers are Dreamers, Travellers, Explorers, Intellectuals, Innovators and Networkers.


In ourInternational Primary Schoolwe have developed a child centred themed curriculum that is innovative, broad and varied. It enables children to use their imagination and creativity. We develop the children’s individual abilities, interests and potential. We do this by using a variety of teaching methods and by taking account of children’s different learning styles. We also consider what interests and motivates children, and adapt our lessons and curriculum to accommodate this.
We develop pupil’s ability to think independently, enabling them to transfer their learning to all aspects of their life, preparing them for the future.


We provide world-class curriculum to develop students’ skills and understanding in English, Mathematics and Science.
Our academic programme also includes Arabic, Religion, Social Studies, Computer Studies, Business, Global Perspectives, Art, Music, PE and French, and an extracurricular subject Protect Ed, which is a Canadian safety education programme.
Cambridge Primary


Our International Primary School is an approved Cambridge Associate School. We implement Cambridge Primary programme for grades 1-5 with fifth graders taking Checkpoint Assessments in English, Math and Science at the end of grade 5.The Cambridge Primary programme is relevant internationally and includes top-quality teaching and assessment resources appropriate for teaching and learning in international schools. It complements a range of teaching methods and curricula.

Our core values of love, friendship, kindness and respect are part of our everyday routine.
Our language of communication is English, also outside classrooms, during breaks, after lessons, during events and educational trips.


Our teachers are fully qualified to teach international curriculum. All of them have professional level of English and subject knowledge. Many of them are native speakers or near native speakers. The staff are friendly and dedicated to the job– that is ensuring that your child achieves their full potential.
Our school gives children an opportunity to develop their own particular strengths and to begin to find the areas in which they will excel.