Location and facilities

On a large area of land measuring 41000 square meters, this educational village was built in the year 1989. It was furnished with the most modern equipment and materials to compete with the most advanced educational establishments in the world. 37000 square meters of this area is buildings that are divided into three major parts that contain versatile facilities enabling the students to develop their talents and abilities along their educational, cultural and social objectives.

  • General administration department
  • 120 smart board- equipped class rooms
  • Counseling and orienting department
  • Four sophisticated scientific laboratories
  • Five full-range computer laboratories
  • Modern Languages laboratory
  •  750 square meter central library
  • Two halls for displaying scientific and educational films and presentations
  • Two vocational training workshops for males and females
  • Four ateliers to present students artistic works
  • Two scouts residence halls
  • Three music education rooms
  • Museum of birds, reptiles and mummified animals
  • Two boarding houses for males and females
  • Drycleaner house
  • 1000 student- accommodated restaurant at a time
  • A central cuisine equipped with a major furnace
  • A fully equipped clinic with a resident doctor
  • Departments of printing, copying, maintaining and finishing books
  • A sophisticated operators room
  • Oil station
  • A modern mechanics room for repairing vehicles
  • Security and surveillance department
  • Transportation department

The school provides each student with a circumferential space within its buildings of 20 square meters apart from courts and facilities.
Sports facilities, is comprised of the following:

  • 1 football court along with 12 basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis courts.
  • Olympic swimming pool with central heating.
  • Olympic gymnasium hall with an indoor handball court.